• "There are plenty of business stories from Africa that are perfectly rateable within a mainstream discussion of something other than Africa. But because it's in Africa, it doesn't get included in the equations. We have to create a situation in which the decision makers in journalism and investment know more about what the continent is capable of." Jon Snow
  • "It’s positive for our business that Africa is well reported, helping us to sell the story of Africa a little bit better." Navaid Burney ECP Investments South Africa
  • The Economist’s coverage of business and financial stories from Africa has been driven in recent years by the region’s good economic performance and the growing interest in emerging markets from foreign investors, who now realise that returns in Africa can be very good." Caroline Lambert, former South Africa correspondent The Economist

Update on Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards 2014

4 March 2014

Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks business, is currently reviewing the format of its annual Africa Business Reporting Awards, which were initiated by the company in 2004 to recognise journalists and editors providing high quality coverage of the business environment in Africa. In reviewing options, Diageo is considering making changes to reflect Africa’s changing media environment and will shortly issue a full statement with a further update and information on this year’s Awards.

Diageo launched the Awards in order to raise awareness of the need for reliable, objective and comprehensive reporting on African business. Such reporting plays an important role in increasing investment flows to the continent by improving investors’ perceptions and challenging negative stereotypes.

Highlights from the 2013 awards


The Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards recognise journalists and editors who provide high quality coverage of the business environment in Africa.

Since the Awards’ inception in 2004, Africa is a different place and is home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies. Against this backdrop, the Awards continue to seek out, recognise and reward excellence in business journalism.

This year, 2013, marks the ten-year anniversary of the Awards. Over the last decade, the strength and depth of reporting on business in Africa has increased significantly, and perceptions of Africa as an investment destination have changed for the better. Investors are taking Africa seriously and changing perceptions of Africa is an important step in improving the continent’s investment climate.

We want to recognise and reward those journalists and editors who are providing the best coverage of business in Africa. The Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards celebrate their achievements. The Awards recognise the fact that more and better business journalism plays an important role in Africa’s investment flows. We believe that better and more accurate reporting generates more business interest on the continent.

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